Maman by Louise Bourgeois



Adam and Eve before the Temptation By George Frederic Watts



Anglican Church at Magnetawan By A.J. Casson



Job By Jan Lievens



The Baptism of Christ by Abraham Bloemaert



The Mouth Organ Player by Adrien Hébert



Venetian Girl by James Wilson Morrice



Study for “Sumacs” by Franklin Carmichael



Heroine From The Old Testament By Rembrandt Van Rijn



Young Woman in a Grey Cloak By Gwen John



Myself by Paraskeva Clark



Lilies By Gerhard Richter



Young Oak Tree by Carl Blechen



The Assumption Of The Virgin By Neri Di Bicci



Oedipus Taken Down from the Tree By Jean-François Millet



Solstice of the Sunflower by Paul Nash



The Benefits of Peace By Pierre Puvis de Chavannes



The Return from the Market By Jean-Siméon Chardin



Gathering By Allen Sapp